Summary Of The Project

The project “Establishing and capacity building of the Southern Serbian Academy and the National Conference for Vocational Higher Education” intends to improve the management of the vocational higher education in Serbia in line with the principles of Bologna process and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Therefore 2 specific objectives will be implemented.
In the first place the project is targeting the capacity building for the 8 vocational higher education institutes in Southern Serbia forming the Academy of Colleges of Applied Sciences (ACAS). Emphasis will be put on the university management, quality procedures, international relations and student services. In the second place it is planned to build capacities for the vocational higher education in Serbia and for the Student Conference of Academies of Applied Sciences ( SKASSS).
The 8 vocational colleges of the ACAS together with 3 other vocational colleges from Belgrade, Subotica and Uzice will be the starting partners. Also further capacity building for the Student conference of Academies of Applied Sciences will be concretely targeted.
The project goals are being supported by the Ministry of Education of Serbia, which ensures the sustainability of the project results. In line with Bologna, the workfield is  also represented via the Regional Chamber of Economy in Nis and the Health Centre in Cuprija.
Partners from EU- KU LEUVEN Gent (project coordinator), IPP Porto and Hochschule Aalen are involved as experienced European colleges. VLHORA, the umbrella organization of the Flemish vocational higher education colleges is involved too. Project is also paying a lot of attention to dissemination and exploitation of project results towards other vocational colleges in other parts of Serbia.
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