Summary Of Work Packages

Work package N0

Type of work package

Title of work package



WP.1 Development  Steing up institutional framework of the ACAS 1 24
WP.2 Development  Introducing quality procedures for the ACAS 14 36
WP.3 Development  Capacity building of student services at the ACAS 19 28
WP.4 Development  Capacity building for International relations at ACAS 1 36
WP.5 Development  Capacity Building for the technical higher education in Serbia and for Student conference of Applied Sciences (SKASSS) 12 26
WP.6 Development  Dissemination of project results 1 36
WP.7 Exploitation  Sustainability of project results 1 36
WP.9 Quality plan  Quality control and Monitoring 1 36
WP.9 Management  Project Management 1 36
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