Kaho Sint Lieven

Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven (Catholic University College Gent) is a university college in Flanders with more than 6800 students and more than 600 staff members. KAHO Sint-Lieven offers bachelor and master study programs in Gent, Aalst and Sint-Niklaas. KAHO Sint-Lieven is member of the "Associatie K.U. Leuven". Study programs concentrate on biotechnology, health care, business studies, teacher training and industrial sciences and technology. The mission statement of KAHO Sint-Lieven mentions three strategic objectives: to offer qualitative higher education, to organise services to society and to carry out applied research projects. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are important features in the educational development policy of the university college. KAHO Sint-Lieven is the result of the merging of 8 higher education institutes in 1996.

The role of the organisation in the project

KAHO Sint-Lieven will be project applicant/project coordinator. KAHO Sint-Lieven is the result of a merging of 8 higher education vocational colleges in 1996. So it has a long experience in setting up cooperation between different higher education institutions. Quality Assurance is considered as a strategic tool to guide this process. KAHO Sint-Lieven built up a large network for international cooperation, not only for staff members but also for students. KAHO Sint-Lieven will use this expertise in the implementation of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Southern Serbia. More particularly KAHO Sint-Lieven will be the lead partner for WP 1,2, 7 and 8. It is obvious that KAHO Sint-Lieven will also actively contribute to all other workpackages. KAHO Sint-Lieven has also a very well structured central student service and a very well developed intranet. KAHO will share this know-how with the vocational colleges who will be member of the ACAS and the newly created Conference in Serbia.

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